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Time to scrap The Banks music center?

Started by Oldiesmann, May 11, 2019, 07:48 pm

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Just days after Newport announced plans for a new music venue at the Ovation site, slated to open sometime next year, Paul Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer suggests it's time for Cincinnati to scrap their plans for a music venue at The Banks.

Among the bigger issues facing the concert venue is what to do with Hilltop Concrete:

QuoteThere's ongoing uncertainty over how much it's going to cost county taxpayers to relocate Hilltop concrete away from the riverfront. That's part of the deal the county struck with the Bengals. The team agreed to give up a parking lot next to Paul Brown Stadium for the concert venue as long as the county moved Hilltop to help create new tailgating spaces.

I personally don't see this planned project at The Banks taking place anytime soon - even if Hilltop is relocated it will take a while to clean up the site they currently occupied clean up and could be several more years before any construction takes place.

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