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2019 May 05 21:04:36
Oldiesmann: We're live!

Ovation Groundbreaking?

Started by Oldiesmann, May 06, 2019, 08:25 pm

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Cincinnati.com is reporting that Corporex is planning a special announcement on Thursday regarding the first phase of the planned Ovation project in Newport. The project will be located in eastern Newport near the 4th Street bridge.

I'll be glad to see this finally take shape. They've been talking about developing this land for over a decade but nothing more has taken place since then.


Newport on the Levee has really been struggling recently. When I visit I feel like there's nothing to do except eat at the few restaurants they have. 

I know this isn't exactly at the Levee, but it would be nice to see the area grow a little more. Hopefully, the new owners of the Levee begin adding more attractions/restaurants to account for this development. 

Nowhere in the area gives as great a view as Newport except for maybe the east side/Eden Park.


I actually work at the Levee (assistant manager for the company running parking operations) and it's a bit depressing how much things have changed in the nearly 12 years I've worked here. I'm also hoping that the changes the new owners have planned will help bring this place back to life. At least the aquarium and movie theater are still doing well.

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