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2019 May 05 21:04:36
Oldiesmann: We're live!

Newport on the Levee Releases Concept Drawings of Overhaul

Started by Oldiesmann, Jun 10, 2019, 07:19 pm

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Since NAP purchased Newport on the Levee back in December, they've been promising major changes that will hopefully breathe new life into the shopping/entertainment complex. The first big sign of changes came last week when a construction fence popped up surrounding the former Mitchell's Fish Market building. Today, they released concept drawings of planned changes, with major construction scheduled to start in a few months. See https://www.newportonthelevee.com/the-new-newport-on-the-levee for full images and details as well as River City News for further information.


Work is well underway now. The former Mitchell's Fish Market building was demolished this week and Barnes & Noble is scheduled to close around the 7th so I'm sure work will begin on demolishing part of that building soon as well.

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